Facial animation pose morph c4d

Facial animation using pose morph c4d

  • Click on the model that you would like to add facial expressions to.
  • Make editable
  • Use point mode
  • Right click-go to character tags then click pose morph—also can be found at the top under character- add point morph
  • Once the box for pose morph is open under "mixing"- select points
  • After that it will automatically take you to edit mode- with “pose0” in the section for poses ready for you to begin.
  • Grab the live selection tool and start moving the face into the expression you want.
  • To fix the size of the live selection tool type “mc” on your keyboard. This shortcut will allow you to manipulate the brush strength, radius, and width.
  • Name the poses by double clicking the poses within the box
  • To animate and mix the facial expressions click on animate under pose morph- tag properties- record the sliders and change them to your preference or you can keyframe the “strength” by starting at the frame you want to begin the animation on then clicking on the circle next to the pose to the frame you want to end the animation on with the new strength of pose. Keep in mind that to keyframe on older c4d programs you need to “cntrl” click on your keyboard.
  • In order for this method to work the best you will want to rig your character. We have gotten questions before why other objects in a null did not move with the pose morph and that was because the character was not rigged.