Physical Simulations

Physical Simulations in Cinema 4d What are Emitters? The mother of all particles and where they are generated from. How to add thinking particles Thinking particles are an advanced nodes system in which you use the xpresso editor for the creation of the various nodes. You will need to add a null object to start and then add an xpresso tag to your null object. Double click the x presso tag to pull up the xpresso editor.To generate particles you do this with the PStorm and PBorn nodes. The Pstorm node will give the particles direction, speed, length, and size. To do this right-click inside the Xpresso editor window and select New Node-Thinking Particles-TP Generator-PStorm. In the paramter tab you can edit the particles settings. Settings: Type will control the shape of the emitter Birth type will enable you to the count, rate, and shot of the particles. Life will determine the frame in which the particle are born and when it ends. Speed will set the speed at which the particles will be emitted. FOV is the spread of the particles. X and Y size is the size of the emitter. Distance sets the emitter from where the particle birth takes place to how far you want it to go. Spin will rotate the particles however you will need to add geometry to the particles.   Hair You can create highly realistic hair by clicking on simulate-hair object- add hair. In the hair tools you can style the hair you want. Setting the Dynamics of the hair is important. You can set dynamics by clicking simulate-hair edit-set as dynamics. In the hair matterial you can add thickness, volume, length, frizz.. etc. When dealing with hair it is not a good idea to have global illumination turned on in your render settings because of how much time it takes to render.   What are PyroClusters? PyroClusters calculate atmospheric effects that enable to preview real time displays as you make any changes. With PyroClusters you can make highly realistic fire, smoke, clouds, and snow. Pyroclusters can be used with thinking particles by assigning the pyrocluster matterial to the particle geometry. How the shape of your PyroCluster has an effect on the results The sphere, cylinder, and box shapes give a different effects the volume on your rendered result. Spherical volume result in a smoother PyroCluster while the Cube volume results in a choppy PyroCluster.   Simulation Tags Rigid bodies They react to gravity, other physical forces, other rigid bodies along with collider bodies. Collider bodies The collider body will not react to anything only things react to it. tag will Soft bodies Unlike rigid bodies soft bodies are more flexible and have more of a reaction to strong impact which can be used for cloth, balls, and other deformable objects.

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