Method to our Madness

First Step: Story Development

We create ideas for characters, scenes, and concepts. Starting with a script and transitioning to a simple drawing and a sketch. Storyboards like the one below help to determine what fits and what doesn't.
We pitch ideas with different concepts and prices that fit the budget of each project.
Animated Visions Production Scary Harry Storyboard_1    

Second Step: Character Design

Once we have established a concept we design the character and go through transitions of facial features, accessories, and shading.
Animated Visions Production Character Design Process

Second Step: Animation

This is the process where we rig the characters and add physical simulations to bring the scene to life.

Third Step: Scene Setup

To get the scene setup we add texturing, coloring, lighting and mood of the overall story.
Animated Visions Production Scene Setup

Final Output

We do a final render of the completed story and animation.
Render farm  

Below are our standard rates 

Rates based on style of character

  $500$1,000Animated Visions Production character

$1,500     Animated Visions Businness man                $2,000        Animated Visions Production character2


Rates  based on style of scene

  $200 Low poly animated         $300 animated v scene1

$1,000  603e8e5d77f17588ee2367364698cc8b     $1,500animatedvisions scene3

$600Animated Visions Production | Aesthetic Elephant   $800 Green astronaut

Standard Rates of Animation

Rates depend on complexity of the character and what is happening in the scene. In general character animation is $500 per minute. If the character has highly realistic hair and cloth simulations cost are around $1,500 per minute.
This process usually takes us 6-8 weeks at least when we are developing the character and story.