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Want to learn more about 3d design? All aboard the Information Station. Here we discuss different techniques and the programs used to create different animations. Join a few of our discussions below.


Models are fundamental for any digital production. Consisting of main characters to props and other assets they are essential to the animations. Animated Vision’s modeling tools include Z brush, Maya, Cinema 4d and a suite of 3D brushes to build model topology.


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Rigging is essential to create the character’s natural movement. We build our character animations pipeline around Cinema 4D, adding python script and xpresso. For facial riggings we use deformers and they are important tools to create detailed facial controls. MEL scripting is used to simplify repetitive tasks and create fluid pipelines.

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Physical Simulations

Physical simulations can be used for fluids, particles, hair, cloth simulations, mographs rigid bodies, soft bodies, aerodynamics, and emitters.


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Global illumination and ambient occlusion develop a highly realistic scene.

studio cinema 4d



Turkey walk fast render 2