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Octane render allows one to create photo realistic cgi renders using realtime raytracing. The parallel approach to resolving global illumination and ambient occlusion in one pass provides a real time update of the render resolving giving one an instant preview of lighting and shadowing. Octane render uses the cuda cores on nividia graphics cards to render. The gpu has significantly more cores than a cpu and octane renders much faster than many cpu based photo real renderers. Octane recreates glass, reflection, motion blur and depth of field to a stunning degree giving even very abstract project a sense of realism. Animated Visions utilizes Octane renders Cinema 4d plug in to create  custom materials, displacement maps, and lighting.

Octane include multiple different kernels for rendering.

  • Directlighting is Octanes ultra fast bias ray tracing render kernel which delivery AO, and GI with great detail.
  • Pathtracing is Octanes unbiased photo real ray tracing render kernel and can create extremely realistic photo real renders, indeterminable from reality.