Physical Render

Physical Render is Cinema 4D built in Render Engine and with its deep integration with Cinema 4D makes it versatile and stable.

The Physical Render Engine in Cinema 4D renders with ultimate realism
Equipped with real camera settings including focal length, shutter speed, aperture
depth of field, motion blur, are easily created
area shadows, ambient occlusion, global illumination and all Cinema 4D effects can be layered to create a unique look that is very realistic.

One can also simulate characteristics of real-life cameras such as lens distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration for even more photorealism.


Adobe RGb Van render0064

Adobe RGb Van render0064
Global illumination
Adobe RGb Van render0064 (0-00-00-00)
Motion BlurAnimated Visions Production Soft Light render 2 (0-00-02-23) (0-00-00-00) 1x1
Subsurface Scattering
Animated visions ss render (0-00-00-00)