Animated Visions Production She Shells


This project consist on two Cinema 4D projects composited in After Effects. In the first C4D project we used the Spline Object as a guide for MoGraph Cloner to wrap the manikin. Spheres and Pyramids were deformed and Cloned along the looping spline paths to make patterns with in the cloned objects. Animation was added to make the patterns change. She Shell is lit with two Area Lights a place in a mini studio setup inside of a Sphere Object. In the second project one will find a distant zoom in of an object pull in with the Camera Morph. The scene is lit with a sky object and a compositing tag is used to make it not visible to the camera. Cloned Spheres and Cubes in grid array are given physics with the rigid body tag with follow position set to 4. A Sphere is added to a Cloner in linear mode then placed in the center of the other objects with a collider tag. A Mograph random Effector is applied to all the Cloner Objects and set to noise with position, scale, and rotation on, this process creates the

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