Animated Visions Production | The Purging


This Cinema 4D R17 project uses a Motion camera to create movement. The hair object is applied to a disk with many segments. The generate type in the hair object is set to flat to create some geometry and form the forest. To create the spiraling shapes cubes were placed in an array with frequency and amplitude increased, the array is then cloned in linear mode, rotating the step rotation H and P to form the swirl. Offset is animated to create the downward movement. A scene setup up is created by duplicating, modifying, and relocating the created assets and animation. To create the stream of white lights a sphere was emitted from an emitter and then traced with a Mograph tracer. A hair render tag is added to the tracer to create a trail of hair. The variation percentage is than increased on the particle emmiter object to give it some randomness. In post Camera Lens Blur is added in post from the first camera angle.

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